Roller Blind

The clean, contemporary look of roller blinds makes them a great choice for both the office and the home. Suited to most types of window installations, roller blinds are effective in filtering out light and insulating against heat and cold

Vertical Blind

A tried and true standard in office window treatments, vertical blinds are now finding popularity in homes. Vertical blinds are suitable for covering large windows and sliding doors, and are also favoured for their durability and ease of maintenance.

Home Automation

iONE’s solutions are not designed to be seen nor heard. Relying on wireless or radio frequency signals, our devices are tiny helpers that take your attention away from mundane household activities like drawing the curtains or raising the blinds.

Wooden Blind

Stylish, yet warm, the element of wood in window treatments creates an appealing and conducive environment. The blinds provide the functionality and versatility of venetian blinds, and are available in a wide array of surface design and colours.