Spring Type System

The Spring Type System operates very much differently as compared to the other systems of the roller blinds. Unlike the other systems that require a ball chain, the Spring Type only requires a Pull Cord and a cord ball at the bottom for pulling the blinds up and down. 

The Spring Type primarily relies on the spring and the drive unit. The spring will stretch when user pulls the pull cord and the braking mechanism in the system will lock the blind at every regular interval. A second tug on the pull cord will then allow the spring to retract the blind back.

One special feature about the Spring Type System is the ability to retract the blind automatically, which to say is that the blind can retract itself without continuous pulling of the pull cord. The speed of the retraction can also be controlled by adjusting the tightness of the spring. As no control side is needed, if 2 or more Spring Type blinds are put side by side, the gap in between the blinds are smaller.

However, Spring Type System can only stop at periodic heights, similarly the alignment for Spring Type blinds can be an issue due to the nature of the mechanism.

Ideal maximum dimensions is Max Width: 2.0m/ Max Height 2.5m or Max Area 4m², whichever is smaller.

Any dimension larger than the max dimensions would not have any warranty for the operation of the entire system of the blind.


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