Fabric Description

Perforated Fabric 

Refer to fabrics that have an organised pattern of holes in the fabric, which allows most light to pass through. It can be easily identified if objects behind the blind can be easily seen. Secondly, neat patterns of gaps/perforation can be seen close up.

Ideally for home that require soft oasis of light and comfort. Reduce glare and maintain privacy. 

Dim-out Fabric 

Refer to fabrics that do not have clear holes in them,however, the material allows some light to pass through. It can be seen if the fabric is brighter when there is light source and less bright when there is no light. In summary, dim-out fabric will be affected by light source. The main difference between Dim-out and Perforated Fabric is, despite the light source, it is still difficult to identify the object through Dim-out.

Ideally for home that seek privacy and restricted amount of light, ensuring complete privacy, even in the evening

Black-out Fabric

Refer to fabric that completely block out light. These fabric will look the same whether or not if there is a light source behind the fabric.

Ideally for home that enjoy darkness throughout the day. Eliminate glare and bask in the luxury of full privacy.