Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are considered as an ideal option for window dressings. For a long period of time, these blinds have been used in the office environment. This is because Venetian blinds will complement almost any office interior. They play an important role in managing the amount of sunlight entering the room. Many offices have glass walls thus Venetian blinds are used for privacy in office premises.

Today, Venetian blinds are available in many different colours and types hence they are also being used in homes. The following are some of the more popular types of Venetian blinds available on the market.

1) TIMBER Venetian Blinds:

Timber is one of the most widely used material, due to its resistance to warping and durability. They are generally preferred in homes to give an exotic and elegant look to the interior.


2) Fauxwood Venetian Blinds:

Generally, Fauxwood Venetian blinds are used in bathrooms. This is because these blinds are able to deal with a steamy atmosphere. These blinds are long lasting and are also rather inexpensive.

3) Fabric Venetian Blinds

These fabric venetian blinds gently diffuse the light and soften the atmosphere in your home. Available in prints or plains with matching pelmets and co-ordinated tapes or cords.