Infrared Devices Control Module

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Milan SnapDigi Infrared Devices Control Module Expand

Close-range Controlling Of Infra-red Devices

Transmit Infrared (IR) signals Over Wi-Fi & Ethernet

Enables Control Of IR Devices Such As TV, Cables Box, Air-Conditioners, Home Theatre Amplifiers From MyMilan App

Able To Control Up To 7 Devices Through Wired Emitters

Wired Emitters Have To Be Placed Near Receivers Of Devices

Does Not Have To Be In Line Of Sight


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Minimum SQFT Applies

Size guide / Installation guide
Size guide

Roller, DualShade, PS Venetian

Wooden Venetian Blinds, Fabric Venetian Blinds, Shangri La

Wooden Venetian Blinds

 Additional Notes:

  1. The above guide is a basic guide to measuring windows, it does not encompass all types of scenarios
  2. Measurements are not applicable for windows that are perpendicular to each other.
  3. For more than 1 blind within a stretch of windows,
  • only the most left blind needs an additional 50mm left allowance for width
  • only the most right blind needs an additional 50mm right allowance for width
  • any other blinds in between needs a 5mm deduction for the width

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Product Compatibility

This Infrared Devices Control Module receives commands from the Infoway, before sending close range infrared signals via the emitters to the devices.It has 6 close range IR emitters and 1 IR blaster that can reach up to 3.5m. LAN connection is recommended for this product. Standalone mode available.

Technical Specification

  • Wi-Fi And Ethernet Enabled
  • Power Supply: DC 12 V, 1 A
  • Six (6) IR Emitters Outputs Through 3.5mm mono socket
  • One (1) IR Blasters Output Through 3.5mm mono socket
  • Maximum Cable Length For IR Emitters is 25 Meters
  • LED indicators to indicate IR Activity
  • TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP & DHCP Protocol Supported
  • Adapter For Power Supply, LAN Cable & 7 IR Emitters Will Be Provided

Milanity is an American technology company that focuses on building a platform that connects and integrates devices from various lines of products from different brands.

The existing market is filled with several brands that have developed apps that only has control over their own devices and maybe a few other third-party ones. Milanity is able to tie all these brands up and control them under one platform – the MyMilan app.

Most major brands already have their appliances registered in the MyMilan app, just by adding the appliances into the app, users would be able to control their devices via their phones as well. Even for items that are not 'smart' (eg lightbulbs), the app would be able to control it via smart sockets and switches.

The Milanity platform, in general, is a unifying app that can bring together all appliances in any and is a versatile product that can be used under various circumstances.

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