SQUID® is a self-adhesive, transparent fabric which enables you to see out during the day, but largely restricts people outside from being able to look in.


SQUID® can also be printed on with a variety of printing techniques, giving signage creatives new commercial and marketing opportunities to explore. Its versatility and simplicity already have made it a big hit in the interior design and architecture markets.


Pricing is at $11.50 per square foot including installation.

SQUID® Window Film

  • Fabric Thickness: 0.3mm

    Fabric Width: 130cm

    Fabric Weight: 105gsm

    Fire Classification: B1, M1, B-s1 d0

    Antibacterial: B1

    Light Reflectance: 38% (Chalk), 34% (Bone), 23% (Oak), 20% (Ash), 17% (Stone)

    Light Transmission: 60% (Chalk), 57% (Bone), 49% (Oak), 47% (Ash), 42% (Stone)

    Light Absorption: 2% (Chalk), 9% (Bone), 28% (Oak), 25% (Ash), 25% (Stone)

    Solar Transmission: 60% (Chalk), 59% (Bone), 56% (Oak), 54% (Ash), 52% (Stone)

    Solar Absorption: 4% (Chalk), 8% (Bone), 16% (Oak), 21% (Ash), 23% (Stone)

    UV Transmission Factor: 46% (Chalk), 49% (Bone), 42% (Oak), 42% (Ash), 38% (Stone)


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