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Jackson Global has come a long way since it first set up operations Singapore since 1975.

Originally a trading and retail company with its roots in interior furnishings, it set its sights on the manufacturing and distribution business and has never looked back.

Over the years, Jackson Global has built a strong presence in countries around the world. It is in Southeast Asia (Brunei, Indonesia Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand), North Asia (China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan), South Asia (India, the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka), North America (Canada, the USA), the Middle East, Australia and Brazil.

We are dedicated in providing high quality and affordable window curtains & blinds as well as home automation solutions for our clients.


Our History

1975 Jackson was founded as a trading & retail company for interior furnishings in Singapore.


1980 Jackson Furnishing established to focus on innovation and research to develop a series of high-end automation products for home furnishing.

1990 Jackson PVC established as an importer, exporter and supplier of a wide variety of packaging materials for industrial use.

1991 Merchant Square was built and completed to maintain as a long-term investment property.

1992 Jackson Dongguan established to manufacture and export Hand-tufted Acrylic rugs.

1998 Jackson Qingdao was set-up to manufacture ChromoJet printed nylon carpets, first computerized jet printing carpet manufacture in China.

2002 Jackson Qingdao was certified to comply with ISO 9001:2000 standard. The same year, Jackson Furnishing was the first company to obtain ISO 9001 standard for blinds industries in Singapore.


2003 Jackson Dong Guan, a new factory was built to cope with increased demand.

2004 Jackson Furnishing introduces its first Motor system.


2006 Jackson Furnishing unveiled its 2nd generation motorized products.

2007 Jackson Dong Guan produced its very own carpet tiles – Jtiles. Acquisition of Jackson Square for long-term investment.

2008 -  Present  Jackson Global was established to cover all business activities for Jackson Group.

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