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Smart Living

As technology advances, smart devices and smart homes are increasingly becoming more popular. Being able to connect your appliances and devices to the internet is just the first step, but it is a crucial one.

We are here to provide you a smooth entry to this experience. Our solutions do not require huge changes to your current home or lifestyle. Yes, no re-wiring involved. Teach your new 'home' how to adapt to your lifestyle. Scroll down to find out more!

What can a smart home do?

Automate it to work around your lifestyle

No more worries about lights, heaters or fans being left on


Speak to it like you would to a friend

Hands full when you're cooking? No problem, just ask google to put on some music or turn on the air-conditioner for your guests


Control it at the tip of your fingers

All in one remote control for your home, from anywhere in the world

"Hey Google, turn off all the lights."

Some nights we're just so tired that it takes everything out of us to leave the comfort of our beds just to off the lights and TV. 

Imagine the incredible amount of convenience that comes with being able to off and on every digital device at the command of your voice!