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  • How long do I have to wait to get my blinds done?
    Once you place your order with us, it takes around a week before you can collect it and install it yourself. If you prefer us to take care of the installation for you, it would take around 2 weeks.
  • How do I measure my windows correctly?
    Please refer to our measurement guides.
  • Can I install blinds by myself?
    Yes, you can collect your blinds from our showroom and install it by yourself at home. In this case, the installation fee will be deducted for you.
  • Is there a warranty?
    All of our blinds come with a 1-year warranty, we are specialized in after-sales services as well to keep things steady with our customers! As for motorised blinds, we have different warranty policies for different motor brands. Please enquire for more information!
  • How is the entire purchasing process like?
    1. Customers can choose to visit our showroom / arrange for a free onsite inspection at their home. 2. Upon confirmation of order, 50% deposit is collected 3. Balance 50% is collected once the installation is completed.
  • What are your accepted payment modes?
    Cash, NETS, Cheque, Bank Transfer and PayNow
  • What is a smart device?
    A smart device is an electronic device that can connect to a network and 'talk' to other devices.
  • What is a smart home?
    A smart home is a home which has its apppliances connected to a network (i.e. 'smart'). It grants the home owner more control of his/her appliances and devices than just the physical on/off switch.
  • What is home automation?
    Home automation can be thought of as the 'next level' of smart homes. It refers to automating your home to suit your lifestyle via a series of sensors and triggers. One example could be that a notification pops up on your phone informing you to bring in the clothes as it predicts incoming rain. Another example could be that all your lights in your home turn off after detecting that no one is home.
  • Wow! Is that like Iron Man's Jarvis?
    Yup, you get your very own Jarvis at home, though not as smart as Mr Stark's. As technology advances though, your Jarvis will only get closer and closer to what you see in the movie.
  • My home is not a new home. Can I make it smart without hacking/rewiring works?
    Definitely, our solutions do not require any renovation works. Instead, we only require available power points
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