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 Comfort & Convenience

  • Long range remote control doesn't require direct line of sight.
  • Smartphone and tablet app available for quick and easy control even while away.
  • Plug and play motor with no need for costly wiring.

Energy Savings

  • Motorized exterior screens can potentially block up to 90% of solar rays.


  • Motorized retractable exterior screens not only shield your family from the sun, but offer a cool, comfortable outdoor living space.


Technical Specifications

Altus® 50 6/17

Voltage: 230-240V

Torque: 6Nm
Speed: 17rpm
Noise level: 46dB

Rated Current: 0.4A

Rated Power: 90W

Weight: 1.72kg
Motor tube diameter: 47mm


Altus® 50 10/32

Voltage: 230-240V

Torque: 10Nm
Speed: 32rpm
Noise level: 54dB

Rated Current: 0.75A

Rated Power: 160W

Weight: 2.15kg
Motor tube diameter: 47mm


Altus® 50

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