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Blackout roller blinds offer full protection from the sun, offering full privacy at the same time, making it ideal to be used in bedrooms.


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BLACKOUT Roller Blinds

  • Composition: Polyester, PC Coating with Acrylic Coating

    Flammability: Non Flame Retardant

    Fabric Thickness: 0.30mm

    Fabric Width: 3000mm

    Fabric Weight: 280g/m²

    Openess Factor: 99% Blackout

    Finish: Ultra Sonic Cutting 

  • Composition: 4 Ply Laminated Fiberglass (3 Ply PVC, 1 Ply Fiberglass)

    Flammability: USA/NFPA 701-99 Small Scale

    Fabric Thickness: 0.32mm

    Fabric Width: 2000mm

    Fabric Weight: 406g/m²

    Openess Factor: 100% Blackout

    Finish: Ultra Sonic Cutting 

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