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6 Reasons Why Customers Choose Roller Blinds

Updated: May 10, 2019

Roller Blinds are often the popular choice amongst Singaporeans when deciding what kind of blinds they want for their home. Over the years, we have served an uncountable number of customers, and here are 6 Reasons why customers choose our Roller Blinds!

1. Large Selection of Designs

Roller Blinds provide the largest range of selection – over 50 designs and hundreds of colours. Depending on the existing design and layout of the apartment, most customers can easily pick something that conforms to their requirement, suiting the design of the house and yet providing an efficient form of external lighting control.

2. Simple Controls

Unlike blinds that require certain “techniques” to operate it effectively, Roller Blinds are simple to use. The strength required to operate is also minimal as the Roller Blind system is usually light, so even the elderly can lift it with ease.

3. Sunlight Reduction

Roller Blinds has two main types of fabric: Blackout and Perforated Fabric. Blackout fabric is able to completely prevent sunlight from peeking into your room. These type of fabrics are usually plain. However, at Jackson Global, we have a huge number of unique Blackout Fabric designs for customers to choose from. Similarly, we hold a large variety of Perforated Fabric designs as well. Perforated Fabrics are fabrics that cut down the glare from the sunlight. These fabrics still allow light to come through, lighting up the living areas. Therefore they are more suitable for areas like balconies or living rooms. With these 2 types of fabrics, Roller Blinds are usually suitable for every room in the house.

4. Maintenance-free

When purchasing home furnishings, it is good to have a long-term foresight. Beautiful designs and intriguing functions may captivate home owners initially, but living in a home for years would require ongoing maintenance as well. Roller Blinds provide not just only an array of designs, but it is also relatively maintenance-free. Usually a simple dusting or wiping of the fabric would suffice as dust do not collect much on its vertical surface. Therefore Roller Blinds are one of the most hassle-free types of blinds available out there in the market.

5. Cost Efficient

Roller blinds are the most basic form of window coverings available in the market. With just simple controls to open and close, these Roller Blinds are usually one of the cheapest alternatives out there. It is common for customers who are working on a budget to pick Roller Blinds, as they are able to provide the most basic function of blocking out sunlight, and at the lowest cost too.

6. Affordable Automation

With homes getting smarter, blinds are getting smarter too. With a simple tap on your remote control, blinds can now be controlled with ease. Customers who seek a trendier lifestyle love this additional capability. What’s more, automating Roller Blinds are also relatively cheaper than other blinds in the market. With these additional capabilities, Jackson Global can also link these motorized Roller Blinds to the internet so that they can be controlled via apps, or even controlled by voice!

In short, Roller Blinds have always been a popular choice for the above mentioned reasons. Jackson Global has always been the largest manufacturer of Roller Blinds in Singapore, and we are glad to answer any customer enquiries too. We can be contacted via our website livechat, our hotline +65 6756 6666, or via our email address ( Contact us now to find out more today!

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