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Pros and Cons of Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds have been one of the most popular window treatment option for centuries. They make a fantastic choice as they can easily blend into almost any style of home.

Venetian blinds are made up of slats that are held in place with strings or tapes. These slats are generally made from either wood, PVC or aluminium, which have very different characteristics.

If you are considering Venetian blinds for your window covering, you need to consider the type of climate, humidity and moisture of the room where your blinds will be installed. This means you need to choose the right kind of material that best suits the environment of your room. Refer to the simple infographic below to help you make a better decision on what type of blinds to get for your home!

pros and cons of venetian blinds

If you are considering other types of blinds, feel free to check out this guide on choosing the right blinds in Singapore. Alternatively, do drop by our showroom to have a chat with our friendly sales staff to help you understand more!

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