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There is probably an application for that.

Updated: May 14, 2019

Close to any appliance around your home from lights, fans, air-conditioners, motorized window blinds and curtains, cameras, sensors, coffee machines, door locks, water heater and your television can be remotely controlled with your mobile phone or a smart speaker! When it comes to technology, many people assume that in order to get the best features, you have to spend a fortune. Also, the overwhelming feel of getting used to any new technology can be frustrating. We’re here today to keep things simple and to inform you that you could be missing out on some fantastic conveniences to your routines and money saving opportunities.

For instance, we’ve all heard of the GPS and its use in vehicles as a single-purpose product in the past. However, most people no longer require that for their vehicle and now just use a smartphone. A perfect example of a multi-function technology that combines several features into one product with plenty of other helpful features. Rather than buying multiple products, they could also invest in a good, all-in-one remote for the long run which would make a consumer’s lifestyle easier.

Much of today’s smart technology doesn’t even require a remote. Applications on smartphones allow them to fully customize and control all of their devices - we practically can’t live without our devices. Use natural sunlight to wake you up with motorized window blinds, while your water heater heats up, your coffee machines makes you a coffee and the news switches on from anywhere.

These products are labelled ‘smart’ as they are connected to the Internet. They not only reduce the eyesore of tangled cords which poses a health and safety risk, it also makes installation much simpler.

Here’s what you can do to save your time and money, as what technology is supposed to do. Being energy efficient with its application, a night timed-schedule, allows users to program lights and air-conditioner to dim or switch off once in deep sleep, then to prepare to chill the room, to be nice and cool before you wake is an example of the many functions a smart home provides.

In today’s economy, the scale and availability of a high quality product and availability of a reliable electric component means high quality features at a lower cost. Investing in smart home technology doesn’t have to feel like it requires a crash course in electrical engineering and should be more of meet between lifestyle, efficiency and technology. By choosing a product that is designed to reduce complexity, you are a step closer to achieving the smart home of your dreams. You can find motorized window blinds and more smart home products at Jackson Global, the leading blinds manufacturer in Singapore.

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